Milling Machines

Here is a list of the 14 Bridgeport Vertical Knee Mills, CNC Mills and Vertical Machining Centers and other related milling machine metalworking equipment that is currently available from Machine Tools Used . Net . Just click on the “Specs” link to view the specifications for that item, or click on the “Photos” link to view the photo(s) for that particular machine tool.

* – Indicates machines that are located somewhere besides our local warehouse in Grapevine, Texas.

Bridgeport Milling Machines
MB5468XA 9″x 49″ Step Pulley ENCO Vertical Turret Knee MillRFQ $2,950 Specs Photo
MB5474XA 9″x 42″ JET Vertical Turret MillRFQ Call —- —-
MB5389XA KONDIA Vertical Turret MillRFQ $2,950 —- Photo
MB5336XA 9″x 42″ SUPERMAX Knee Mill, S/N-0716180 … RFQ Call —- —-
MB5335XA 1HP BRIDGEPORT Vertical Milling Machine, Model: J-Head, S/N-191020, Year Mfgr: 1978 … RFQ $4,250 —- —-
MB4196XA 9″x 42″ BRIDGEPORT Mill, Model: 2J, S/N-207984, Year Mfgr: 1979 … RFQ $2,750 Specs Photo
MB5245XA 9″x 42″ BRIDGEPORT Vertical Turret Mill, Model: Series-1 J Head, S/N-157682, Year Mfgr: 1974 … RFQ $1,750 Specs Photo
MB5441XA 2HP 9″x 42″ BRIDGEPORT Vertical Knee Mill, Model: Series 1, 2J-Head, S/N-249243, Year Mfgr: 1987 … RFQ $7,500 Specs —-

CNC Milling Machines and Machining Centers
MC5263XA 3-Axis BRIDGEPORT CNC Mill Servo Drvie Motors, Model: V2XT, S/N-XT826 … RFQ $1,250 —- Photo
MC5256XA WEBBMATIC CNC Vertical MillRFQ Call —- —-
MC2321XH 12″x 20″ Pallets TSUDAKOMA Manual Pallet Changer, Model: PCH 301SN, S/N-PH11715 … RFQ $4,950 * Specs Photo

Horizontal Milling Machines
MH5315XH KEARNEY & TRECKER Horizontal Milling Machine, Model: 320-TF-17, S/N-56-73010, Year Mfgr: 1973 … RFQ $22,500 * Specs Photo

Tracer Mills
MT2437XL 18″ x 78″ SUNDSTRAND 3-D Tracer Mill, Model: 96, S/N-96-1398, Year Mfgr: 1961 … RFQ $4,950 * Specs Photo

Other Milling Machines And Jig Bores
MX5338XA KWIK WAY Boring Bar Small Engine Stand, Model: 1291 … RFQ $475 —- —-