Mighty Comet Vertical Mill with a Bridgeport 2J Head

We just put in inventory this summer a somewhat unusual Bridgeport Type Vertical Milling Machine. It is a Mighty Comet model 3KVHD that has a late model 2HP Bridgeport variable speed head.

Also, it has a 3 Axis Servo II feed system. The program control box is not operating and so is unable to receive and run programs. However, the two table servo feed units both work though we have not yet been able to get the quill Servo feed to work.

It has a nice Acu Rite 2 Axis DRO, hardened box ways that are in good shape and a 10″x 50″ table. It is a nice looking mill that will make someone a good conventional mill. Oh, also it has ball screws on the X and Y axes !

See our Bridgeport Mills page for specs and all photos for this mill. If it is no longer listed there, then it has been sold.

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